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    School is Closed on Wednesday 9-19-18 Posted 9/17/18


    This is a reminder that school is closed tomorrow, Wednesday, September 19.  School will reopen on Thursday, September 20.

    What an amazing turn out we had for our first Fairburn Facelift Day on Sunday!  We had over  80 parents and 50 kids up at school and we accomplished so much!  Super shout out to our fearless Facelift Captain Sima Bosnjakovic, and her stellar team of leaders John Rhoads, Colleen Mun, Alice Soragni, Kent Foster and Jorge Cortes.  We could not have had such a successful day without all of your support!


    We want all of our Fairburn students to become World Citizens and Life Long Learners. To that end, there are attitudes and qualities that we can promote to help our students become members of our global community. Every three weeks we will have two WORDS that will be the school-wide focus that align with our Language Arts series. These are the traits that students get recognized for with our “Bee Bucks.”


    These traits will be taught and modeled by teachers and staff and will be celebrated at the assemblies.  However, for children to truly begin to embrace these characteristics, they must also be role-modeled by the people most important in their lives – their parents.

    Last week, this week and next our Attitude is COOPERATION:

    Cooperation means you work very well with others and have a good team work attitude.  Someone with a Cooperative Attitude is a person that does particularly well in group tasks. Someone with a good Cooperative attitude knows when to lead and when to follow.


    Our Learner Profile is PRINICPLED: Students who are principled have a sense of fairness and are honest with themselves and with others. They understand that sometimes there are rules and they follow them. They have an understanding of moral reasoning.

    How can parents help to develop students who are Principled at home? Involve your child in deciding on the rules for a game or activity and then ensure that they stick to the ones that have been decided upon. Encourage your child to play games that involve teams. Discuss with your child the qualities of a team player. What sort of person would they want on their team? When your child wins a game insist that he or she is a well-mannered winner. Being a gracious loser is just as important as being a good winner.

    Thanks to everyone’s cooperation - we are had a fabulous first month of school!


    Pam Marton






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    Fairburn Avenue Elementary School's mission is to ensure the academic and personal success of each and every student. We inspire lifelong learning in a responsible and enthusiastic environment created through our partnership with students, families, and community.

    All of us at Fairburn Avenue Elementary School—students, teachers, support staff, parents and community members—are dedicated to educating the leaders of tomorrow. Together we are proud to uphold a rigorous and challenging learning environment rich in cultural diversity, celebrated in achievement and filled with possibility—a school where all of us learn and achieve great things. Above all, we place children first; their safety, health, social-emotional wellbeing and high-level academic achievement are paramount in every decision and in every action we undertake. We encourage ideas that inspire innovation and hold that all children, regardless of their economic, ethnic, cultural or linguistic background, will achieve academic and social success and be prepared to be responsible world citizens.