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Homework assignments may be found on the teachers’s classroom web pages. Click here for links.

Home Study Packets Are Listed Below

Room 9 TK.pdf (PDF)    Kinder .pdf (PDF)     Grade 1.pdf (PDF)      Room 4 Grade 2.pdf (PDF)   Room 11 Grade 5.pdf (PDF)    Room 13 Grade 5.pdf (PDF)     Room 14 Grade 2.pdf (PDF)     Room 15 Grade 4.pdf (PDF)    Room 16 Grade 4.pdf (PDF)    Room 17 Grade 2.pdf (PDF)    Room 18 Grade 3.pdf (PDF)    Room 20 Grade 3.pdf (PDF)    Room 21 Grade 3.pdf (PDF)    




Homework is a vital part of the learning process. All students receive homework Monday through Thursday. Please provide an appropriate environment in which your child can practice and complete classroom assignments. A quiet location, free from distraction and noise will help children focus on learning. Occasionally, teachers may assign homework over a weekend. This may include a long-term project or report. You are reminded that homework is to be done by the child; your role is to support their learning. Any homework concerns should be discussed directly with the teacher.

District guidelines for the assignment of homework are as follows:

Kindergarten: 15–20 minute per day

Grades one and two: 30–35 minutes per day

Grades three and four: 35–40 minutes per day

Grade five: 50–60 minutes per day

Note that individual students may complete assignments a little faster or slower than these guidelines.