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Digital Learning



Through the generosity of the Fairburn Avenue Boosters, Fairburn has a well-equipped computer lab and a standards-based technology curriculum provided by PlanetBravo. Students spend time in the lab each week, where they have the opportunity to learn using innovative lessons and stimulating coursework.

PlanetBravo’s mission is to provide children and young adults with fun, confidence-boosting experiences with technology. The curriculum is exciting and comprehensive, covering everything from basic computing skills for younger students to programming languages and mobile app development for more advanced students.

For more information on the curriculum visit the PlanetBravo website: 

Broadcast Journalism

Parents are also encouraged to check out the Fairburn Phoenix News TV show, which is written, produced, filmed and performed by Fairburn students under the guidance of PlanetBravo. Episodes can be found on the website  A new show will be produced and uploaded each week on Friday.