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School Experience Surveys will go home this week! Your opinion matters.
Posted 11/4/19

Dear Fairburn Families,


Thanks for participating in our fun Parade of Masks last Thursday!  


Be sure to ask your child what they learned at the STEAM Museum that visited our school on Monday, November 4, one of this year’s FAB sponsored enrichment assemblies.  Our students had the experience of visiting a state of the art, hands on children’s science museum right here on campus.  Each class visited the museum in the Auditorium where students engaged in activities around Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math, from building an arch to programming a robot to 3D printing.


LAUSD’s eleventh annual “School Experience Survey” will document the experiences and perceptions of parents, staff and students at their schools. The Districts survey window is now open and closes December 6, 2019. Fairburn will distribute the Survey to parents this week, one per family to the oldest child, and request that they are sent back to school by November 8, 2019. We will provide a drop box in the office for you to deposit the Surveys or you may return them to your child’s teacher. To incentivize the return of the survey, the class that has the highest percentage of surveys returned by Wednesday, November 13, will win the Fairburn Phoenix Trophy! If you have more than one child at the school, please complete the one survey and send a note to the other classrooms that you completed the survey so they can get credit! 

If you do the survey online, go to Please send a note to your child’s teacher saying you submitted the survey online. 


The School Experience Survey provides valuable information to stakeholders about LAUSD schools each year. Parents, staff and students (grades 4-12), will answer survey questions designed to measure our schools’ climate. The survey focuses on student social and emotional learning; the opportunity to learn; school cleanliness and safety; and parent involvement. 


A note about student attendance. Our attendance rate for the first 50 days of school is a little better than last year. Each day of absence our school looses $63.48. So far in the 2019-20 school year we have completed 50 days of school. As of today, there were 25 students missing 3 days of school, 26 students missing 4 – 5 days of school and 3 students missing 6 or more days of school. Please help make sure your child is at school every day on time.  If you must attend a doctor’s appointment, please bring them back to school after so they can be counted.  If your child will miss 3 or more days of school, we can arrange independent study, where your child will be counted a present.  Please arrange ahead of time with your child’s teacher. 


Thanks for your continued support,

Pam Marton, Principal.